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Demolition Services Sydney

Demolition Services Sydney

Many people think that demolition is like sport. They imagine that a bunch of cowboys chomp on cigars and blow up buildings for fun. Television and movies have probably led you to that impression. That couldn't be more wrong. Demolition is more of a science than anything.

The Process

Before a building can be demolished, many things have to happen. The site has to be prepared for demolition. In many cases, this involves asbestos abatement. Asbestos, when in a non-vulnerable state, is pretty safe. It becomes hazardous when it becomes fibres that can be inhaled. Thus, the asbestos has to be removed safely. Also, any other potentially harmful substance has to be removed. The demolition team must obtain permits, disconnect the utilities, and even remove as many rodents as possible. Once all of that is done, the team develops a plan.

At DC Earthworks, we take each step very seriously. We go through them carefully with a team of professionals; after all, once a building has been demolished, there's no undoing that. We don't get second chances, so we focus on doing it right the first time.

Hydraulic Excavators

These work best for one or two story buildings. The excavators will undermine the building's base so that it collapses in a certain direction. Some buildings will actually be undermined at somewhere other than the base; that's the decision of the project supervisor.

Wrecking Ball

The wrecking ball is probably the most iconic feature of a demolition team. The crane-mounted ball swinging on a chain is what many people think of when they think of demolition. Very rarely do we use a wrecking ball. They are completely unpredictable and hard to control. Also, the momentum and weight of the wrecking ball means that it cannot be stopped very quickly. Also, the resulting debris can be hard to control. A demolition company that employs a ball must be extra careful not to hit the building too hard.

Typically, they are used in a limited capacity to shorten a building before the hydraulic excavators can undermine it. Usually, we don't deem this necessary for house demolition, because houses are not normally so tall that they cannot just be undermined.


A bulldozer is such an effective method of demolishing a home that it has become a verb synonymous with destroying anything. When used for demolition, they are normally outfitted with rakes. A "rake" is a thick I-Beam or steel tube on the front of the machine. The driver then uses the rake to smash the building's walls. We prefer this method to some of the others because it is much more controllable. The drivers of the machines can remove debris as they work, and the debris does not go flying as it would with an explosion or a wrecking ball.

The method we choose depends on what's appropriate. We choose the process that is safest for the area in which the operation will occur. We also consider what's necessary to bring down a structure safely.

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