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Soil Remediation and Excavation in Sydney

Soil Remediation and Excavation in Sydney

Due to dozens of factors, harmful chemicals can sometimes leach into the soil in certain areas. When harmful substances, especially powders or liquids, enter the soil in an area, those substances are very likely to reach the groundwater eventually. Once they reach the groundwater, they have the potential to contaminate a very large area. Livestock and plant life in the area are the most vulnerable to contaminants. Dangerous substances can enter the soil in an area through a number of different methods such as chemical spills. When a building containing harmful materials are demolished or renovated, those chemicals can reach the ground. Once the level of these substances reach certain saturation, you have very limited options.

Soil Remediation

Also known as environmental remediation, soil remediation is the process of removing pollutants or contaminants from sediment, surface water, groundwater, and soil. This is a very delicate and difficult process that has to be undertaken quickly and safely. At DC Earthworks, nothing is more important to us than safety. That's why we're so dedicated to soil remediation and excavation services. When it comes to removing pollutants, safety means keeping our specialists safe, but it also means removing the harmful material so that the environment is safer for plants, animals, and humans.


When the contamination becomes significant enough, excavation might be the only option. This is the process of using large machines, as well as hand tools, to dig up dirt and move it somewhere else. This soil can be moved to a facility that processes out the contaminants, or it can be disposed to a safer place. Many Sydney excavation companies do not want to work with soil remediation because it can be dangerous. It's true that digging up and transporting harmful substances is dangerous, but it's necessary to ensure the safety of others.


We are one of the few excavation companies in Sydney that also work with harmful pollutants. That means we can serve all of your needs quickly and efficiently. When you're working with a company that only does one or the other, you can run into a series of problems. First, you have to find two companies and negotiate contracts with both of them. That means you'll have to pay any kind of contract fees or travel fees to two different companies. Additionally, you have to let two different companies move their equipment in and out of the site. You also have to make sure that both companies work well together. If the first company is running behind schedule, then your second company is also going to run behind, and the entire job will be delayed. With the removal of harmful chemicals, you cannot afford to delay.

That is why we do excavation work as well as soil remediation; removing pollutants should be quick and efficient.

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